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July 19,2023
OMBAR Teamed up with Huawei Smart Selection to Launch A New Generation of 4K Ultra-Clear Smart Recorder am100 To Refresh The Smart Travel Experience
In recent years, under the background of new infrastructure and a powerful transportation country, the state has issued a series of policies to encourage the development of the smart transportation industry. New types of smart transportation services have emerged continuously, and intelligent technologies such as 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things have become the focus of joint exploration and practice by all walks of life. new trend.
Huawei Smart Selection and OMBAR Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., based on their respective advantages in the field of network intelligence technology and smart travel, launched a cooperation with smart technology to increase smart travel products, and jointly created and launched the 4K version of the Huawei Smart Selection OMBAR driving recorder AM100 , the product has been put on Huawei Mall Vmall for public testing.
This driving recorder is equipped with Lingdu intelligent driving assistance, night vision backlight 4K video, AI voice and voice control and other technologies, combined with the minimalist Internet Bluetooth one-key network distribution brought by Huawei Smart Selection, easy to find a car, privacy protection visitor mode and other hardware Nuclear technology is used to realize the intelligent upgrade of user travel and refresh the smart travel experience.
4K ultra-clear images, enjoy the presentation
The 4K version of Huawei’s smart Lingdu driving recorder is equipped with Sony’s IMX415 flagship sensor, which achieves 4K ultra-clear resolution, supports enhanced dark light environments, and can capture clear images in dark places; 7 sets of high-transmittance optical lenses, F1.75 super large aperture , to ensure sufficient light input, and more effectively improve the shooting quality. The effective pixels are as high as 8 million, and the night vision and backlight license plate numbers are still clearly visible.


Support Hongmeng Zhilian, no screen becomes screen
Powered by the advanced full-scenario Internet of Everything concept, and minimalist connection, just turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and approach the Huawei Smart Selection sticker on the recorder, and then you can quickly connect the mobile phone and the recorder, quickly configure the network, and bid farewell to the traditional device network configuration A series of tedious network distribution operations such as connecting to WiFi and entering passwords. At the same time, the cumbersome operation of the traditional independent app is broken in the smart application. The user only needs to use the smart life app to realize the interconnection between the recorder and the mobile phone. The operation is simple, no screen can be changed into a screen, remote viewing and sharing of video, creating a powerful and intelligent car. circle of life.
Intelligent driving assistance, early warning
Novatek’s NT98529 flagship chip has powerful computing and processing capabilities, supports more intelligent algorithms for ADAS functions, and utilizes dynamic video cameras and artificial intelligence technology. Front vehicle collision reminders, speed limit sign reminders, and pedestrian collision warnings remind drivers to pay attention to driving safety, so hazard recognition reminders can be one step faster, thereby reducing the accident rate.
Voice interaction brand new upgrade
In many travel scenarios, after parking the car in the underground garage, it becomes very difficult to find your own car in a complex environment and a large number of vehicles. This HUAWEI smart Lingdu recorder has a new upgraded voice interaction function. You can call out the command "I want to stop" before parking. The recorder will automatically capture 20 pictures and automatically generate a time-lapse video. When the mobile phone is connected to the recorder, check Users can easily find the parking location through the video in the App's car search video.
In the process of driving, there are often situations such as deviation from the lane, speeding, pedestrians in front or too close to the vehicle in front. When the driver is overwhelmed, he may not be able to detect it in time, which will lead to violations of traffic regulations or potential safety hazards. This Huawei smart Lingdu recorder can switch the assisted driving function freely through the voice command "turn on/off assisted driving". In view of the feature that long-distance recording takes up a lot of memory, the language command "turn on/off long-distance recording" can switch the resolution.
The minimalist connection makes the use of this Huawei smart recorder more simple, intelligent, and life-like, which improves the user's travel experience and successfully creates a model of intelligence in the industry.
Co-produced to create a new experience of smart travel
As we all know, Huawei Zhixuan is committed to the concept of intelligent quality selection, and cooperates with professional brands to create smart premium products. Huawei's smart selection products have excellent network and intelligent technologies, which can organically connect people, equipment, and scenes, and provide consumers with a more convenient new experience of smart life in all scenes.
As Shao Yang, chief strategy officer of the consumer business, said: "With the in-depth development of technologies such as 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things, new technologies are driving changes in the living environment, and the trend from personal intelligence to space intelligence is unstoppable. In the new Under the trend, Huawei Smart Selection provides a rich soil for personal intelligence and spatial intelligence for the innovation of smart hardware products. Together with partners, Huawei Smart Selection's "3+3" DNA is injected into products.